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Flower x Date Castle Walk

Dondendaira Lily Garden and Japan's best countryside trekking

As you enter Iide Town while enjoying the scenery from the train window, what you will see is the rural landscape of the old village, a scattered village. This course allows you to visit towns that resemble the original scenery of Japan and feel the nature. Departing from JR Hagiu Station, we will walk around the city, visiting Hagiu Castle, one of the 48 Date Museums, the Rural Scattered Village Observation Deck, Dondendaira Lily Garden, and more. During the break at the Sankyo Observation Deck, you can sample pesticide-free tomatoes from Iide Town, and you can also receive a lily bulb gift as a reward for completing the walk. Please feel free to experience Iide in summer ♪ For inquiries, please contact the Iide Town Tourist Information Center ``Iide Town Tourism Association'' ♪

​Advance reservation is required to participate. Please make a reservation from here.

Sponsored by: Yamagata Tourism Campaign Promotion Council

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